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"We had no role in our entrance to this world, but with the help of the PFW seminar we can positively affect our departure."

S. Ward

The Format

The Preparing to Finish Well Seminar is built around three, 3-hour sessions. Our staff will work with your group to structure the time, dates, and sessions that best suit your needs. Each session is designed to be interactive, relational, and practical. Questions and dialogue are welcomed and encouraged.

Each of the three sessions is a stand-alone presentation, though each session does build on the others.

“Preparing to Finish Well was the most informative, pertinent, and helpful seminar that I have ever attended.”

R. Foiles

The Content

First Session

Dealing with end-of-life issues is nearly impossible until we face and confront our own potential fears and anxieties. Hearing personal stories and participating in group discussions provides the opportunity to deal constructively with our spoken and unspoken concerns. During the second half of the session, participants are introduced to the excellent resource provided by The Conversation Project and trained in how to use it to promote dialog with their loved ones.

“Even though my husband and I had previously completed our documents with an attorney, we found this seminar helpful in addressing relationship issues so that we can finish well.”

K. Lewark

Second Session

Our second session addresses issues and questions unique to Advance Directives (i.e. choosing a Medical Power of Attorney and writing a Living Will specifying your end of life healthcare wishes). Other questions such as organ donation, DNR orders, and HIPPA release forms will also be discussed. Please note – we will NOT cover any financial planning topics.

“This is a very practical and detailed approach to preparing to die with dignity. There was a lot of thought-provoking discussion.”

D. Williams

Third Session

We conclude with an ultimate question: How can we leave a unique and meaningful legacy to our loved ones? We suggest a process of giving and receiving forgiveness and of creating a personal, individualized spiritual blessing. We wrap up by discussing the practical and logistical issues we encounter after a loved one has died, such as making funeral and burial arrangements.

"This seminar was extremely helpful, informative, and equipping. All that I learned will make a real difference for me and my family."

K. Morrissey